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Re: Please build 64 bit packages

On Thu, Jul 25, 2013 at 12:47:20PM -0400, Chris Sutcliffe wrote:
>On 25 July 2013 09:10, Corinna Vinschen wrote:
>> On Jul 25 08:35, Chris Sutcliffe wrote:
>>> I still have no access to a 64-bit machine to validate any of the
>>> packages I maintain.  I can cross-compile them (as I did with mksh),
>>> but I can't guarantee they work.  Should I proceed?
>> No chance to install a VM?
>I tried Qemu and Virtualbox on my work supplied laptop and they both
>fail to run the x86_64 Win8 install.  Unfortunately I don't have
>access to any other machine to setup a VM.
>>> > Alternatively, for those of your packages which are "noarch" packages,
>>> > for instance perl or python scripts, please drop usa note here along
>>> > the lines of "please copy package foo from 32 to 64 bit distro".
>>> I think python-gdata and googlecl fall in to this category, so please
>>> feel free to copy them over.
>> Yes, sure, that would be nice.
>Is there anything I need to do for this to happen?  I can issue an RFU
>if need be...

I haven't tried this but I'm wondering if you could use Amazon's AWS/EC2
services to create a 64-bit Windows 2008 service "in the cloud".

I'm probably misreading something but it looks like you might even be
able to do it for free if you use less than 250 hours.

I'd try this out myself but my account is currently suspended since I
cancelled it a couple of weeks ago.  I was using AWS to perform backups
until the storage costs became prohibitive.

There is also this:

I was looking into setting up VirtuaBox on sourceware but I stopped
myself since we really can't be providing compute resources to the
cygwin project.


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