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Perpetual postinstall scripts

We're starting to get more and more of these, which is fine, since that
was why they were introduced.  However, I'd like to remind everybody to
not use bash for any postinstall scripts unless you absolutely have to
and especially not for perpetual postinstall scripts.  It is only
slightly less troublesome to script for dash if your script doesn't use
any bashisms, either set PATH=/usr/bin at the beginning of the script or
use absolute path names for all executables.

Since a lot of the perpetual postinstall scripts check a condition to
decide if they should do anything, I'd also repeat my recommendation to
avoid forking subprocesses as much as possible (use builtins instead of
/usr/bin/test for instance) and hand off to terminal executables via
exec.  This drastically increases the chances of things still working OK
if something went wrong with rebasing.

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