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Re: [Attention Maintainer] man-db

Achim Gratz writes:
> This package currently has a perpetual postinstall script to keep the
> database indexed, but doesn't provide for a way to create the initial
> database during install.  I suggest to create another sub-package
> (perhaps called man-db-index) that simply creates an empty file
> /var/cache/man-db/index.dat on installation, so that the perpetual
> install script will trigger.  I would prefer if that file was created by
> a normal postinstall script instead of directly provided in the package
> since otherwise deinstallation of man-db-index would delete the
> database.

OK, I just tried that, the path of course needs to be


and the file created must not be zero size or the current perpetual
install script won't trigger.

Also, that perpetual install script should run last, so it needs to be
named differently (my own local package names it zp_zzz_man-db.dash for
that reason).

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