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2016-12-23 [newlib-cygwin] Created tag newlib-2_5_0 Jeff Johnston
2016-12-17 [newlib-cygwin] Export getentropy and getrandom calls Corinna Vinschen
2016-12-16 [newlib-cygwin] Created tag cygwin-2_6_1-release Corinna Vinschen
2016-12-15 [newlib-cygwin] Fix some broken links in Cygwin FAQ Jon TURNEY
2016-12-14 [newlib-cygwin] Define RtlGenRandom correctly in ntsecapi.h wrapper Corinna Vinschen
2016-12-14 [newlib-cygwin] Rearrange RNG code slightly Corinna Vinschen
2016-12-13 [newlib-cygwin] Cygwin: Add release messages for last two checkins Corinna Vinschen
2016-12-13 [newlib-cygwin] Fix incorrect path conversion on non-existent files on network shares Corinna Vinschen
2016-12-13 [newlib-cygwin] Check for .exe file in cygwin_conv_path Corinna Vinschen
2016-12-06 [newlib-cygwin] Cygwin 2.6.1: Add missing release text Corinna Vinschen
2016-11-28 [newlib-cygwin] path_conv: When encountering a ".(/)+" sequence, skip *all* slashes Corinna Vinschen
2016-11-24 [newlib-cygwin] regex: Fix typo in CHaddrange Corinna Vinschen
2016-11-24 [newlib-cygwin] cygutils: Fix resource leak in get_short_paths Corinna Vinschen
2016-11-24 [newlib-cygwin] Fix typo in kill(1) Corinna Vinschen
2016-11-24 [newlib-cygwin] _pinfo::set_ctty: Check potential NULL pointer in debug_printf statement Corinna Vinschen
2016-11-24 [newlib-cygwin] Eliminate unused parameter from path_conv::eq_worker Corinna Vinschen
2016-11-24 [newlib-cygwin] Remove redundant check for NULL pointer in cygwin_exception::dump_exception Corinna Vinschen
2016-11-24 [newlib-cygwin] Fix copy/paste typo in fhandler_console::scroll_buffer_screen Corinna Vinschen
2016-11-24 [newlib-cygwin] Don't allow sending invalid signals from user space Corinna Vinschen
2016-11-24 [newlib-cygwin] raise: Add missing extern "C" Corinna Vinschen
2016-11-24 [newlib-cygwin] login_tty: Rewrite following FreeBSD's traces Corinna Vinschen
2016-11-24 [newlib-cygwin] fcwd_access_t: Add missing breaks in f_cwd pointer computation Corinna Vinschen
2016-11-24 [newlib-cygwin] Add comments to intentional switch fallthroughs Corinna Vinschen
2016-11-24 [newlib-cygwin] Add length check creating domain\group strings Corinna Vinschen
2016-11-22 [newlib-cygwin] Provide <memory.h> Corinna Vinschen
2016-11-17 [newlib-cygwin] Move pthread types to <sys/_pthreadtypes.h> Corinna Vinschen
2016-11-17 [newlib-cygwin] Add release note for commit 8a32c24 Corinna Vinschen
2016-11-17 [newlib-cygwin] Use allocation granularity as the 'page_size' in /proc/<pid>/status as well, for consistency with /p Corinna Vinschen
2016-11-17 [newlib-cygwin] statm should report memory as multiples of allocation_granularity instead of page_size Corinna Vinschen
2016-10-24 [newlib-cygwin] Fix ShellExecuteW comment Corinna Vinschen
2016-10-24 [newlib-cygwin] pldd: Fix resource leak and missing check if fopen failed Corinna Vinschen
2016-10-24 [newlib-cygwin] passwd: Fix potential buffer overflow Corinna Vinschen
2016-10-23 [newlib-cygwin] mkgroup/mkpasswd: Fix potential buffer overwrite in corner case Corinna Vinschen
2016-10-23 [newlib-cygwin] getfacl: Don't trust length of incoming user/groupname Corinna Vinschen
2016-10-23 [newlib-cygwin] tzset: Fix array length given to GetGeoInfoW Corinna Vinschen
2016-10-23 [newlib-cygwin] strace: Fix Coverity issues Corinna Vinschen
2016-10-23 [newlib-cygwin] cygcheck: Use snprintf instead of multiple strcat Corinna Vinschen
2016-10-23 [newlib-cygwin] cygcheck: Eenable output of Vista++ FS flags Corinna Vinschen
2016-10-23 [newlib-cygwin] cygcheck: Eliminate dead code Corinna Vinschen
2016-10-22 [newlib-cygwin] cygcheck: Fix broken test for invalid wcstombs conversion reading symlinks Corinna Vinschen
2016-10-22 [newlib-cygwin] cygcheck: Fix check for Cygwin symlink Corinna Vinschen
2016-10-22 [newlib-cygwin] strace: Add comment trying to explain confusing code Corinna Vinschen
2016-10-22 [newlib-cygwin] cygcheck: Close with pclose what has been opened with popen Corinna Vinschen
2016-10-22 [newlib-cygwin] Remove unreachable code from passwd(1) Corinna Vinschen
2016-10-21 [newlib-cygwin] Add _PC_CASE_INSENSITIVE to [f]pathconf Corinna Vinschen
2016-10-20 [newlib-cygwin] Fix SetThreadName with gdb 7.10 on x86 Jon TURNEY
2016-10-20 [newlib-cygwin] Update FAQ answer about setting an early breakpoint Jon TURNEY
2016-10-19 [newlib-cygwin] Don't check directories always case-insensitive in rename(2) Corinna Vinschen
2016-10-19 [newlib-cygwin] Add release msg for 5a3496c Corinna Vinschen
2016-10-19 [newlib-cygwin] Fix regression in console charset handling Corinna Vinschen
2016-10-19 [newlib-cygwin] Bump Cygwin version to 2.6.1 Corinna Vinschen
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