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Star Source ready for Cygwin32


Cdrecord / Mkisofs / Cdda2wav are available for compilation
on Cygwin32 for some time. ( see )

Now I finally got the time to make the star source ready for Cygwin too.


Changes since star-1.3a5:

-	added O_BINARY to allow star to work corectly on Cygwin32

-	Avoid seekdir() in Cygwin32 

-	New option -refresh_old_files to prevent star from creating
	new files while extracting an archive.

-	Don't strip leading '/' from targets of symlinks

-	Star now knows that that DOS filesystems increment the time
	stamp of a file only in 2 second steps.
	This is needed to make the skipping of older files on extraction
	work correctly.

-	Correctly skip a file on tape if the filename is longer than the
	OS can handle.

-	Always make the path tables at least 1024 bytes even when the actual OS
	does not allow that much. This helps to read archives from other OS.

-	Workaround for the Cygwin bug that causes maxfilename to be longer
	than maxpathname.

-	Workaround for Cygwin bug that return ENOTEMPTY for
	rmdir() if the arg does not refer to a directory.

-	Workaround for the fact that Cygwin32 does not allow us to set the
	file access times for read only files.

-	Print warning for unknown archive types.

-	Knowledge base for

		Packed, Gzip compressed, LZW compressed, Freezed,
		SCO LZH compressed and bzip2

	compressed magic numbers gives hints for correct usage of -z or -bz
	options. Tell user about the compression program that will
	help to unpack the archive.

-	Star offeres full FIFO and remote tape access support even
	on Cygwin32.

Revision history (short)

1982	First version on UNOS (extract only)
1985	Port to UNIX (fully funtional version)
1985	Added pre Posix method of handling special files/devices
1986	First experiments with fifo as external process.
1993	Remote tape access
1993	diff option
1994	Fifo with shared memory integrated into star
1994	Very long filenames and sparse files
1994	Gnutar and Ustar(Posix) handling added
1994	Xstar format (extended Posix) defined and introduced
1995	Ported to many platforms

Supported platforms:

SunOS 4.x, Solaris (SunOS 5.x), Linux, HP-UX, DG/UX, IRIX, AIX, FreeBSD, NetBSD


Star is the fastest known implementation of a tar archiver.
Star is able to make backups with more than 12MB/s if the
disk and tape drive support such a speed. This is more than
double the speed that ufsdump will get.
Ampex got 13.5 MB/s with their new DLT tape drive.
Ufsdump got a maximum speed of about 6MB/s with the same hardware.

Star development started 1982, development is still in progress.
The current version of star is stable and 
I never did my backups with other tools than star.

Its main advantages over other tar implementations are:

	fifo			- keeps the tape streaming.
				  This gives you faster backups than
				  you can achieve with ufsdump, if the
				  size of the filesystem is > 1 GByte.

	pattern matcher		- for a convenient user interface
				  (see manual page for more details).
				  To archive/extract a subset of files.

	sophisticated diff	- user tailorable interface for comparing
				  tar archives against file trees
				  This is one of the most interesting parts
				  of the star implementation.

	no namelen limitation	- Pathnames up to 1024 Bytes may be archived.
				  (The same limitation applies to linknames)
				  This limit may be expanded in future
				  without changing the method to record long names.

	deals with all 3 times	- stores/restores all 3 times of a file
				  (even creation time)
				  may reset access time after doing backup

	does not clobber files	- more recent copies on disk will not be 
				  clobbered from tape
				  This may be the main advantage over other
				  tar implementations. This allows
				  automatically repairing of corruptions
				  after a crash & fsck (Check for differences
				  after doing this with the diff option).

	automatic byte swap	- star automatically detects swapped archives
				  and transparently reads them the right way

	automatic format detect	- star automatically detects several common
				  archive formats and adopts to them.
				  Supported archive types are:
				  Old tar, gnu tar, ansi tar, star.

	fully ansi compatible	- Star is fully ANSI/Posix 1003.1 compatible.
				  See README.otherbugs for a complete description
				  of bugs found in other tar implementations.

Have a look at the manual page, it is included in the distribution.


Joerg Schilling
Seestr. 110
D-13353 Berlin


Please mail bugs and suggestions to me.

Jörg (home) Jörg Schilling D-13353 Berlin		(uni)  If you don't have iso-8859-1		(work) chars I am J"org Schilling

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