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RE: Counter-ITP of doxygen (was: Re: Please upload: doxygen-1.4.2_20050410-1 (n'th take))

> Although I can write reasonable shell and awk scripts, my real programming
> skills are nil.  In other words, I cannot see my basic debugging skills
> building up in any way, hard or otherwise.  Would it be inappropriate for
> someone like me to ITP a package, even though the first time someone reports
> a problem the package will probably have to be removed because I will not be
> able to fix the problem?


  Have you considered pinging the mailing lists to see if someone
else is using these packages, and therefore might be enticed into
maintainership?  This is (somewhat) how I came to be the maintainer
for the cramfs and mtd packages - someone was willing to do the
initial packaging work, but unable to be a full maintainer:

  In this case, I worked with Marion Deveaud to refine the original
packaging, integrate some seperate patches we were maintaining for
our own local builds, and release that as a package:

  Obligatory off-topic bit:

  Did you know that a hippo can open its mouth wide enough to fit
a 4 foot tall child inside?  However, the highly publicized hippo
appetite for circus dwarves seems to be nothing more than a popular
urban legend... unless, of course, the urban legend *itself* is a
rumor started by Vast Hippo Conspiracy, in order to cover up their
nefarious plans.  You never know...


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