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Re: AllVersions: Running Cygwin X w/ Registy Entries

In the spirit of this thread, I just want to say that I never said that
cygwin programs use the mount table.  While cygwin programs do utilize
the mount table, anyone can plainly see that they do not use the
registry.  They may employ the registry but surely it is plain that they
require the registry to do that, which is exactly what I said.  If there
is no cygwin DLL on the system then plainly the registry won't be
updated unless you reference it from the proper directory.  The PATH
is irrelevant in this instance since the DLL needs to be in a directory
that is referenced by the PATH.  If you mount the PATH then obviously
you need to use regedit to modify it since cygwin won't be available
unless regedit uses cygwin1.dll.  Since I'm not aware of any versions
of regedit which use cygwin1.dll, I have developed a bash script that
uses dd to modify the registry files directly which is the *only* way
to accomplish this task.  While there may be many ways to accomplish
this task, I wanted to make it clear that all cygwin programs which
manipulate or recognize paths use the mount table.

I mean, really, what is so hard to understand here?

Oh, and, I never asked anyone what was so difficult to understand.  What
is so hard to understand about that???


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