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RE: AllVersions: Running Cygwin X w/ Registy Entries

Christopher Faylor wrote:
> In the spirit of this thread, I just want to say that I nefer seeed thet
> cygveen prugrems use-a zee muoont teble-a.  Vheele-a cygveen prugrems du
> zee muoont teble-a, unyune-a cun pleeenly see-a thet zeey du nut use-a zee
> regeestry.  Zeey mey impluy zee regeestry boot soorely it is pleeen thet
> reqooure-a zee regeestry tu du thet, vheech is ixectly vhet I seeed.  Iff
> is nu cygveen DLL oon zee system zeen pleeenly zee regeestry vun't be-a
> updeted unless yuoo refference-a it frum zee pruper durectury.  Zee PETH
> is irrelefunt in thees instunce-a seence-a zee DLL needs tu be-a in a
> thet is refferenced by zee PETH.  Iff yuoo muoont zee PETH zeen oobfeeuoosly
> yuoo need tu use-a regedeet tu mudeeffy it seence-a cygveen vun't be-a
> unless regedeet uses cygveen1.dll.  Seence-a I'm nut evere-a ooff uny
> ooff regedeet vheech use-a cygveen1.dll, I hefe-a defeluped a besh screept
> uses dd tu mudeeffy zee regeestry feeles durectly vheech is zee *oonly* vey
> tu eccumpleesh thees tesk.  Vheele-a zeere-a mey be-a muny veys tu
> thees tesk, I vunted tu meke-a it cleer thet ell cygveen prugrems vheech
> muneepoolete-a oor recugneeze-a peths use-a zee muoont teble-a.  Bork Bork
> I mean, really, what is so hard to understand here?

  Arrrrrr!  There be nothing hard to understand at all about that, and any
land-lubbing lilly-livered scurvy swabs who say there be, will be walking the
plank at the point o' me trusty cutlass, like.  Arrrrr!  Now where be they

Can't think of a witty .sigline today....

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