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Re: Installing VIM (vi editor)

Thank you for your support,

Yeah I have received Digest Mails and I receive them
without any problem.But the query mail which I sent TO
CYGWIN at CYGWIN dot COM is not reflected in those
digest mails.

So I feel my mails not at all reaching CYGWIN-Help and
thstswhy I tried sending mails to persons directly and
including CYGWIN-TALK which I supposed to not to
do.Even if it is reaching it is not being sent on
DIGEST so nobody will be providing help for my simple

If my queries are not reaching your side then I am n
ot going to get some help.So I may suffer in using

I think CYGWIN is a great help for me to learn SHELL
Programming.I am not using it for any commercial
purpose.Just using its verybasic features to learn
UNIX+SHELL environment.Even i was told that I can make
SQL-DB abd make ISQL Query training also.

But I am struck at the beginning stage itself.



--- Christopher Faylor
<> wrote:

> On Thu, Oct 27, 2005 at 07:15:39AM -0700, S.Sunil
> Kumar wrote:
> >If I send amy mail to cygwin AT cygwin DOT com..I
> am not getting any
> >replys.  And I dont see my mails also.
> You wouldn't see your email until a digest was sent
> out.
> >I have subscribed to DIGEST Mails.  But I dont see
> any mails at all.
> Then you aren't looking very hard because I see at
> least one digest was
> sent to you today.

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