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RE: 800 pink hippos sighted off southern coast of uk

Ross Boulet wrote:
> [ ... snip ...]
>> [*]  And, on the "hippos are dangerous" theme, not only can they run
>> thirty miles an hour, not only do they weigh two tons, not only can they
>> bite off your arm, step on your toes while ballet-dancing in tu-tus and
>> fall out of the sky onto your head from a great height.... but now we
>> also have to worry about their eyes coming off and little kids
>> swallowing and choking on them or getting stuck with the sharp pins used
>> to hold them in! 
> In addition to those dangers, it now seems they are capable
> of knocking containers off a ship and using the contents to
> camouflage an amphibious assault on the southern coast of
> the UK.

  Hippos are great at infiltration!  They're just so subtle and good at
hiding, you'd never even know they were there.

  For instance, I bet you didn't realise there's one in the room with you,
right now!  Yes!  IT'S BEHIND YOU!!!   LOOK THERE!!!!!1!

Can't think of a witty .sigline today....

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