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Re: generic-build-script extension to update version numbers in README

Max Bowsher wrote:

Christian Franke wrote:

What would you think about an autoconf-like approach generating a
"" script from some "" (yes, no version).


It is a good idea, but I would avoid .in naming, since I think we will
want to go beyond simple autoconf-style variable substitution.

I'm already doing programmatic editing of the g-b-s for my own packages.
Attached is '', which reads a control file, and the
generic-build-script source, and outputs a build script munged according
to instructions in the control file.

For illustrative purposes, here is the control file for my neon package:
ConfigureArg --enable-shared
ConfigureArg --disable-static
ConfigureArg --with-ssl

SubPackage libneon24-$VER-$REL.tar.bz2 usr/bin/cygneon-24.dll

Hey you guys, you're going to recreate whole package build management systems like debian has it, or gentoo, or even slackware. What about a GUI for this? Maybe based on Qt, so at least maintainers are forced to install and use at least 90% of all Cygwin packages which would increase usability over the years.

Gerrit -- =^..^=

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