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Re: generic-build-script extension to update version numbers in README

Hey you guys, you're going to recreate whole package build management
systems like debian has it, or gentoo, or even slackware.

Yes, there is a fine line here. IF we want a true, full, pkg build management system we'd do better not to reinvent the wheel. But this impacts the package-delivery system as well: setup.exe. If you use dpkg/rpm/emerge for build management, do you teach setup about dpkg/rpm/emerge files? Or do you abandon setup.exe and start over, with some gui driver for dpkg/rpm/emerge -- and teach that gui about replace-inuse-files and other cygwin/win32 trivia?

But note the initial 'IF'. I'm not sure we DO want a full, build management system. How high a bar do you want to set for new package maintainers? Right now, editing a script is a fairly simple task for a newbie ... I fear "" and getting a 'maintainer toolset' set up. That's why I've suggested that the basic gbs stay the same; only add-on features would be external. And newbies could learn _those_ on an as-needed basis, because the core gbs (as customized per-package) has everything that's truly NEEDED to get a build working.

What about
a GUI for this?  Maybe based on Qt, so at least maintainers are forced
to install and use at least 90% of all Cygwin packages which would
increase usability over the years.

Gerrit, are you volunteering to take over management of all of my packages?

I have no intention of installing either KDE, Qt, GTK, or Gnome on my windows box. If I want those GUIs, I'll run them on a linux box and not thru an emulation layer, thankyouverymuch.

Let's NEVER get in the habit of saying "...we should FORCE maintainers to...". I like the FREE software culture because it is FREE, and not driven by authoritarian control freaks (although the Debian Social Contract makes me wonder sometimes). Please don't turn cygwin into a controlfreakhive.


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