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Re: [ANNOUNCEMENT] updated package xxx

On Fri, 18 Nov 2005, zzapper wrote:

> Hi,

Hi.  About your subject: I don't think we have any p0rn-related packaes in
Cygwin...  Unless you're talking about "fortune" and/or the proposed
"hippos in tutus" picture collection...

> Like many Cygwin users I often become aware that an application is
> available (or am reminded that it exists)  in Cygwin when it appears as
> Update in the NG. I believe in any case that an update announcement is a
> marvellous opportunity for maintainers to publicise their application
> and further the cause of Cygwin and *nix in general.

FWIW, I've advocated making Cygwin-specific READMEs available online for
the packages that have them...  Those should contain a link to the
canonical package homepage.

> It seems that maintainers use some kind of template for these
> announcements

The template is previous announcements by other maintainers, actually...

> could it be possible for maintainers to agree to always provide a link
> to the relevant doc?

They already do -- in the Cygwin-specific package README.  If you want to
maintain a web site that simply makes available the /usr/share/doc/Cygwin
README files for all packages, and report the statistics of how often
people access those, the keepers of may be convinced to
make the READMEs available.
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