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Scott Adams and ID

>From the Dilbert blog:

I propose a little thought experiment.

Imagine that lightning suddenly carves into the side of the Washington Monument
the words ?I am God. I created you. Darwin was a nut.? And let?s say there are
hundreds of witnesses who all have video cameras and capture it from multiple

Now imagine that the same phenomenon repeats every day for a month, each time
on a different monument. Scientists study the phenomena and conclude that
humans probably didn?t cause it, but beyond that, there are no further
scientific clues about how lighting could seem so directed.

If I crafted my thought experiment right, no one would have any idea how to
devise a test that would confirm or exclude the possibility that God really did
it. Hypothetically, being omnipotent and all, he would be capable of leaving no
clues, other than signing his name. Therefore, any speculation as to the cause
is not science.

Here?s the question: Should teachers be allowed to tell science students about
the lightning messages?

You may commence misinterpreting what I just wrote and attacking that
misinterpretation now.



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