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Re: How do I upgrade Cygwin? Or more specifically my Xfree Package...

 --- Martin McNelis <> schrieb: >
> I really don't want to do a full reinstall, and the last
> time I tried a
> partial install (KDE) I found that it screwed up unrelated
> stuff (like
> telnet).  It's taken me a while to get my Cygwin running
> more or less the
> way I want it and I don't want to lose all that setup time.
> The main thing I want to upgrade is my XFree package. 
> (BTW, how do I check
> what version I have installed?)  I only want to install
> again to get my
> Keyboard working correctly under X.  I checked the
> /etc/X11/xkb directory
> and found no keyboard maps which I now believe I need?  Can
> I install only
> the XFree86-etc package or do I need to reinstall the lot?
> Any help much appreciated!

Didn't you use the Cygwin setup.exe to install cygwin? It
shows version numbers and allows you to upgrade.



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