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Re: How do I upgrade Cygwin? Or more specifically my Xfree Package...


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On Wed, 18 Jun 2003, Martin McNelis wrote:

> Hi,
> I really don't want to do a full reinstall, and the last time I tried a
> partial install (KDE) I found that it screwed up unrelated stuff (like
> telnet).  It's taken me a while to get my Cygwin running more or less the
> way I want it and I don't want to lose all that setup time.

If you have changed any files that were actually contained in the package,
rather than created by a postinstall script, you will lose your changes if
*that* package is upgraded.  To check which packages contain which files,
see <>.

> The main thing I want to upgrade is my XFree package.  (BTW, how do I check
> what version I have installed?)  I only want to install again to get my
> Keyboard working correctly under X.  I checked the /etc/X11/xkb directory
> and found no keyboard maps which I now believe I need?  Can I install only
> the XFree86-etc package or do I need to reinstall the lot?

To check which version of any particular package is installed, run
"cygcheck -c PackageName".  You can also run "cygcheck -c" to see the
installed versions of *all* packages.

To upgrade *just* the XFree86-etc package, run setup.exe, select the
"Keep" view at the top, then click on just the XFree86-etc version to get
the later one.  Setup will automatically select other packages that are
dependences of XFree86-etc and have newer versions available.  The
"Partial" view will show you only those that will be installed.  Some of
them you can click back to "Keep" (e.g. XFree86-startup-scripts,
XFree86-bin).  Since XFree86-etc doesn't contain any binaries, you may
even get away with not upgrading the "cygwin" package (i.e., "Keep"ing

> Any help much appreciated!
> Thanks,
> Martin
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By the way, it's usually better to start a new thread rather than reply to
an unrelated one.  Fortunately, your mailer doesn't provide threading
information, so this would have gone unnoticed had you not quoted the
message.  Just an FYI.
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