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Extraneous HOME keypresses in Cygwin X server.

The symptoms are:  When starting an X-application like xedit, or using
XDMCP to connect to my server, the cursor behaves as if the HOME key had
been pressed at random intervals.

This has been a constant problem for as long as I have been using Cygwin
on this PC, which is several months.  So far in this e-mail, it's
happened three times.

I've managed to use 'xev' and have a capture of the output, where I can
plainly see the home key being processed (keycode 97, keysym 0xff50)
when the home key was never actually struck on the keyboard.

I've manually pressed each and every key on my keyboard, using xev, and
verified that none are being mistakenly recognized as a "home" key.  It
also happens during repeated entry of the same key:  If I hit the letter
e enough times, like eeeeeee, eventually it'll act as if the home key
has been pressed.

This is quite annoying.  Please let me know what information might be of
use, my keyboard is a "Microsoft Wireless Multimedia Keyboard 1.0A".
According to cygwin setup.exe, I'm using xorg X server version, although the problem also existed under many previous
version, including the xfree versions.

This does NOT affect Cygwin console applications.

Under Mandrake, this computer reports "unknown keycode e059"
occasionally in /var/log/messages, I can retrieve the full information
from that file if necessary.  It doesn't exhibit the "home" key
problems, though.

Thanks for any assistance.  The grand total "home" keypresses during the
creation of this document is 15, without my ever having touched the
"home" key...
Brian Keener <>

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