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Re: Exception: STATUS_ACCESS_VIOLATION What is it ??

Once and for all, here's what I've found to be the case for
'STATUS_ACCESS_VIOLATION' (just for those who happened to miss it)

At 01:52 PM 5/23/98 -0600, you wrote:

I find that this usually is what's called a SIGNAL SIGSEGV or something
along those lines. Basically, you're progrgam tried to access one of the

1) Another program's memory spaces without permissions.
2) Data past the end of a block of data (sometimes it causes an error,
   sometimes it doesn't. Depends on what's using the memory at the time)
3) And three, calling some string functions, like strcpy() and strcat() and
   passing them a pointer to a memory space that hasn't been initialized
   or contains nothing. (Famous combination is GETENV, and then STRCPY,
   killed me numerous times b/c GETENV returned null/empty)

The easiest way to see what's going on, is to set GDB up (see the FAQ if
you need help, or ask me), and then type 'GDB --nw' from either bash or
dos. (I found the the --nw [no-window] works a little better than the
windowed version) Then type 'exec <filename>' and then 'run' and wait for
it to crash. When it does, type 'back' and look at the bottom most
function, or the last function that isn't set as ??? and that should tell
you where you're general problem is. If you follow it up the list, you
might see strcpy, or strcat, etc.

Hope this helps some.

- Greg Neujahr

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