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IT sales effectiveness


I got your name from an IT sales directory and would like to introduce 
you to our IT Sales Boot Camp . This is THE ONLY 
sales training program that was especially created for you to win BIG 
major account business.

Through 50 combined years of sales research and application with our 
clients like ORACLE, SUN Microsystems and NEC among others, we have 
extracted all of the effective techniques and methods you will need to 
obtain large accounts in the global market place consistently for a 
fraction of their investment.

IT Sales Boot Camp is THE ONLY SALES PROGRAM designed for IT sales 
professionals to win business.  The program presents proven competitive 
sales methodology based on political acumen, consultative sales 
approaches and partnering skills. The Boot Camp enables IT salespeople 
to have a clear major account strategy, teaching them new tactical 
approaches to engage and defeat the competition, while focusing on 
customer needs. Learn the inside story, firsthand, on how the process 
really works.

We take only sixteen (16) participants in the program and it will be 
held on July 21st and 22nd .  For information about pricing and location 
go to our web site .  After 
that, I'd like to hear from you. Give a call personally at (703) 
448-6111, or email me at .  Inquire about group 


Dr. F. Coles
Executive Vice President
(703) 448-6111

PS: If you are not in a position of Sales Management at this time, 
please forward this letter to those that are.  They will love you for 

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