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"Cannot execute /bin/sh" error...

"less" stops echo of keyboard input

%Ld ? / regexps / platform optim.


テレビ電話のお知らせ Info on Videophone


[ANN] rpm-3.0.2 for cygwinb20.1

[FAQ autopost] gnuwin32 resource pointer

[Fwd: A newbie who is stuck with creating a DLL]

[PATCH] Make libio.h work in cygwin-b20

accept bug ?

Accessing the registry

August 30th snapshot

automatic relocation problem? (WAS: problem with 3rd party lib)

AW: B20: BUG in gmake (NT and 95)

awk problems in B20.1?

awk question : 0x1a - file end problem

B20 : Linking EnumPrinters and/or GetPrinter

B20.1 & Win95 fork/socket bug, or Why Rsync Doesn't Work

B20.1 and Explorer

B20.1 bug report: collect2.exe hangs during linking C/C++-programs

B20.1 Can't execute shell scripts

B20.1 Read or other input command halts bash shell

B20.1: bash question

B20.1: Bison reporting Bad Address

B20.1: bug in mkstemp

B20.1: egrep doesn't take {n}

b20.1: stuck error: fAbortOnError & ClearCommError is never called

B20.1: windows reports illegal instruction, when using many arguments

B20: BUG in gmake (NT and 95)

Bash Control-C kills an able program


Bash: repeating a command often misses first character


Bug: '%' in filenames with B20.1

BUG: open() O_ flags one bit too high

Building GCC 2.95 (autoheader problem possibly)...

Building mingw32-x-h8300 tools

Building native Mingw32 tools

builtin functions missing

RE: bz2 file type ?

C++ libraries and DLL

can cygwin Tcl/Tk be made to speak X?

can I use STL in src/winsup ?

cannot fork () shell problem ?

The Commands Do Not Work


Compilation of Tcl/Tk8.1 on Cygwin


Compiling Window Source Code


Corss platform Compiler problems


cygtclsh80 child processes -- Update

cygtclsh80 doesn't clean up child processes


Re: Cygwin & Windows 98

Cygwin - new install

cygwin 20.1 / directory

RE: Cygwin B-20.1 port of DDD-3.1.6.

Cygwin cpio.

Cygwin DLL's

Cygwin program runs slow as CGI!?

cygwin with codewarrior

Cygwin-b20 Help!

Cygwin32 and ROM2.4

Cygwin32 export cpmpliance

Cygwin32 versus Mingw32

Re: FW: Description of the new 'ntsec' feature

distribute gnuwin32

distributing cygwin.dll

Distributing packages that use cygwin

dll, lib and lib??.a

Editing Text Files

error redirection for win9x command shell [Re: Ouptput question]

Exit status for fatal signals is broken

expect does not timeout

finds headers, then 'ignores' them

Flex lexer compilation problem

fork & exec -> crash

fork & recv problem (writing a bind and accept service).

fork/exec fixed? [was Re: How to build static lib's]

fork/exec problem in bash?

free European catalogs

free memory

g77 link problems



GCC 2.95 - mingw32

GCC and my modem

gdb4.18 make stops at link

Getting simple STL program to compile


gnupg-1.0.0 chokes over make

Re: gnuserv for xemacs-win32

guide me pls


Having difficulty setting up.

Re: help.... socket

Help? Problem with Cygwin on Win98

How to "make install"?

How to apply patches to Mingw32

How to build static lib's

RE: How to build static lib's - prob with gtk/glib

How to generate map file.

How to make a Windows program using threads?

How to put commas in command line arg's?

How to set the prompt?


I can't get bind to work withing BASH

I'm just stupid!

in.rshd - anyone use it

in.rshd fails

Info files for STL

Installing DDD on WindowsNT Workstation 4.0.... HOW

Interupting screen dump

Is there a good vi editor for cygwin????


ld or gcc failing?

less command (was: Missing some commands?)

LessTif 0.89.0 is available

linux-hosted cygwin crosscompiler

Loadable modules

Locale support

long double math library and mathinline.h

long pause before programs start

looking for a way to simulate "more"

ls/du (stat?) speed...

lseek(0,...) in snapshot differs from b20.1

Magic variables for make and Cygwin drive mapping

Mail app

Making Cygwin write DOS style text files

Men-Improve Your Sex Life-New Book -ymqhbtlnct

Microsoft Acquires Softway Systems

Minor issues running ssh/sshd under NT

Minor problem with 0905 snapshot an Win98SE

Missing some commands?


mount removes backslashes

Mounting a SCSI Exabyte

my program

RE: nedit

Network question.

A newbie who is stuck with creating a DLL

Observations on (19990922 snapshot)

Old version of gcc/g++

ORBS not letting me send stuff to the list...

ORBS test

Ouptput question

PATCH for winsup/

patch(1) can't patch files

Ports of Winboard-4.0.2, ispell-4.0, and fileutils-4.0

possible problem with cp in cygwin B20

Printing the environment table

problem running make 3.77.94 inside bash with the 19990830 snap-shot

problem with 3rd party lib

problem with the cp

re: Problems installing a Perl module - Summary and a question

Problems linking WinAPI calls

problems with .bashrc

Problems with Cygwin and INFORMIX ESQL/C

Problems with emacs

Problems with ESQL/C

Programming COM interfaces with C++

programming win3.*/9x/NT GUI applications with cygwin

prompt problem

RE: pthreads, crosscompiling

pwd command output

Q: pthreads, crosscompiling

Race condition in 19990922 snapshot [PATCH]

recursive grep

restrictions about distributions of Cygwin


Running bash inside NT Emacs's "shell"

RE: Samba 2 running in NT box almost there !!

Samba 2 running in NT box: almost there !!

Sample "clear" program

schedule date forGCC 2.95.1 ??

Re: schedule date forGCC 2.95.1 ??

Scripts starting with colon

snap-shots questions ?

Re: src-by-top-dir (WAS: RE: pthreads, crosscompiling)

ssh / rsync / SIGCHLD errors.

Starting bash below a non-Cygwin win32 program

static MSVC library?


Strange delays - need to recompile bash for latest snapshot?

strtoll() and strtoull()

Suggestion: use tkinfo as info reader

Sun acquires Star Division, creators of StarOffice.

Suspected bug in longjmp()

system requirements?


test -- please ignore

test -w broken on bash?

teTeX install - configure doesn't like B20 /bin/ld

threads ?

timelocal() on Tues., Oct. 05, 1993

translate UNIX path to DOS path

Re: translate UNIX path to DOS path - THANKS!

trouble with __builtin_frame_address - solution found

trouble with __builtin_frame_address and __builtin_return_address

Trouble with stdin?

Trying to use NTReskit su.exe

u can make money 3000$ per month! it's new technology!

undefined reference to ___imp__iob

uninstalling cygwin



US mirror wanted

user's guide

Using Microsoft Visual C

Using mingw32 to build cross-tools

Vanishing mounts

VC++ compiled DLL don't work properly with cygnus



Fwd: Re: VxD device drivers

VxD device drivers - again

What are the differences between net version and commercial?

What is "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWAREFree Software Foundation"

why gcc.exe compilation SLOW on NT?

why such large exe files ?

Win32 DLLs -- suggested reading list

Win9x Ring0 programming, was: Fwd: Re: VxD device drivers

Windows 98

Windows messages from within (cygwin-created) DLL


Winsock call to UNIX

Won't compile the simplest of progs.


X11 for cygwin B20.1 ???


Y2K compliance

Y2K Update Notification

FW: your software site

{ANN] perl-5.005_61


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