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how do we make a dll, etc avaliable to others


I'm both a "user" (non-developer) and a "lurker" on this list.  And I have
what is probably a stupid question:

If we have built something potentially very useful to other "users" (and
possibly also developers).  Is there a way for us who aren't part of the
development community to add to it?  I'm sure there are a lot of little
dll's created everyday that would solve a lot of other peoples problems,  if
only they knew where to look for them.

For instance:
I recently built libYgl.dll against cygwin1.3.2 and Xfree4.0.3 (this is an
opensource lib that allow most
SGI hardware specific GL calls (dgl)(libdgl) to be mapped to ordinary opengl
which lets
you build and/or run many SGI/Irix specific graphics programs on nonSGI
platforms) .

I'm sure a lot of "users" out there are don't even realize that the Ygl
(opensource) code exists or can be built on Cygwin (or have the tenacity or
resources to dig out the C manuals and dink with the make files).
I know it solved a big headache of mine in linking SGI dgl code to make it
run on NT,  and also to view the output of Ygl linked graphics programs
running on other platforms on cygwin/Xfree ( we have a few Linux and Solaris
graphics programs ported from Irix).

Is there a forum or repository for this sort of stuff?

Bruce Dobrin

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