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Re: Updated Gnu tools manpages, maybe you'd like to know? ('gnumaniak')

On 8 Jan 2002 at 22:03, Robert Collins wrote:

> Given that info documentation can be converted to manpages, I see little
> reason to maintain man pages separately.

Over the course of using cygwin in the past, `info' wouldn't always work 
for me. Maybe some flag or .rc file hadn't been set, whatever. It does work 

Just because something "can" (in abstract principle) be done, doesn't 
always mean *everyone* currently "can" or (more to the point) "knows how". 
That's the whole point of binary distros of any[open-source]thing, is it 
not? So that people can focus on what they are most interested in 
developing or using?

To re-shift the discussion to another perspective, i suppose what interests 
me is to know how to know how current the manpages *as installed by a 
cygwin package* (as set up by "setup" in the cases where they are, which is 
frequent) are, relative to the version of the tool itself. And as I 
mentioned, there's the direct (albeit laborious) way, checking the manpages 
(and/or filestamps of their files) individually; might there be a more 
general policy we could be informed about, that would hold true most of the 
time, regarding how out-of-date the manpages might be? Someone reading this 
might know.

      Soren Andersen

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