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RE: FW: Updated: rxvt-2.7.2-8

1st - thanks for the very specific instruction. I would probably have
never figured that out on my own, unless it's already in an FAQ
somewhere. I did look in the Cygwin FAQ and didn't see it. (Any chance
this could be added to the FAQ?). 

2nd - is there any handy little tool out there that would have helped me
figure out that my PC's "DELETE" key sends the "sequence?" of meta-[3~?

3rd - I guess my real question was this - if cygwin is *always* used on
a windows PC, shouldn't the version of readline that's distributed with
cygwin be able to handle the delete key the same way that other
windows/cmd.exe apps do, out of the box, with no requirement for a user
to find this setting and add it to ~/.inputrc?

4th - Thanks for the detailed notes. I appreciate the comments.

Personal rant - This is probably the biggest reason I get along a bit
better in windows than Unix - how do I ever figure out that ESC,[,3,~ is
what happens when I hit my "delete" key, then how do I find which file
to put the rebinding in, then how do I figure out that ESC maps to \M-,
then what is the name of the command to bind to (delete-char in this
case), and on and on.  

If you throw in the ability to telnet to a unix host from multiple
environments (mac, pc, dumb tube) with different keyboard layouts, and
you throw in multiple Unix(-like) host environments
(Irix,Unix,Linux,Cygwin) it's enough to drive a person mad, especially
one like me that doesn't remember details like these very easily.
Figuring out any issue of this nature involves reading several different
programs' man pages (assuming I can guess which one), and possibly
learning hardware details too. 


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From: Randall R Schulz []
Sent: Thursday, January 31, 2002 6:00 PM



Now that we do have readline-enabled "command line" applications, BASH
other shells being the most salient in this context, a line like this in

your .inputrc will achieve the results you desire:

"\M-[3~":       delete-char

(Note: that corresponds to ESC, [, 3, ~ coming from the keyboard")

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