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Re: Why not a news server?


A newsgroup won't change the signal-to-noise ratio nor alleviate effort on 
your part in sorting it all out.

Don't get the digest and you'll have solved all the digest-related problems.

Avail yourself of the abilities of mail clients to sort incoming message 
into different mailbox files. Any mail client worth its salt can do this, 
including some of the free / open-source ones.

Randall Schulz
Mountain View, CA USA

At 09:59 2002-02-01, Andrew DeFaria wrote:
>Why not simply set up a news server instead of this mail list. I find the 
>mail list deficient in several areas. First and foremost it's noisy 
>causing me to wade through all this email for topics I'm interested in. 
>Secondly there's no easy or convenient way to response to individual 
>issues (I get a digest of cygwin stuff emailed to me). Seems to me that 
>nntp was designed specifically for such communications and a number of 
>companies have set up news servers for such things.
>Finally a number of times I receive a digest speaking of topics and 
>articles but the email message is apparently truncated and the bodies of 
>these articles are missing.
>Comments? (I'm sure there will be some).

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