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Re: Why not a news server?

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From: "Greg Mosier" <Greg.Mosier@USA.Net>
To: <>
Sent: Saturday, February 02, 2002 8:31 AM
Subject: Re: Why not a news server?

> Yeah, I've too noticed this inconvience of having to use reply all to
get it
> to go back to the list.  The most frustrating thing about this is that
> is a setting in the listserv software, whether it be elzm, mailman,
> majordomo, or listserv.  The person that has set this up has
configured it
> so that the default reply to address is that of the send instead of
> list.  A simple change in the configuration would alleviate that and
> likely increase participation on the list.  As an example, let's say
Joe has
> a problem but I have no clue what his resolution might be.  However,
> replies to it and suggests something to Joe.  John's suggestion isn't
> solution, but it sparks recollection in the minds of others as the
what the
> resolution indeed is.  Now, if John's reply never makes it to the list
> you lose that possibility.  Then, when someone has something to say to
> someone that is off topic they can switch the email addresses quite

This too has been debated ad inifinitum. There are valid points for and
against doing this.

However, the principal of least surprise requires not doing it, and for
a list that gets many non-subscriber posts, that *also* prohibits
rewriting the reply-to.


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