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Re: Why not a news server?

"Reply-To" munging has also been discussed on this list previously. 
Please familiarize yourself with the arguments that have already been 
hashed out on this list in the past before continuing this line of 

Also, see '"Reply To" Munging Considered Harmful' :


Greg Mosier wrote:

> Yeah, I've too noticed this inconvience of having to use reply all to get it
> to go back to the list.  The most frustrating thing about this is that this
> is a setting in the listserv software, whether it be elzm, mailman,
> majordomo, or listserv.  The person that has set this up has configured it
> so that the default reply to address is that of the send instead of the
> list.  A simple change in the configuration would alleviate that and would
> likely increase participation on the list.  As an example, let's say Joe has
> a problem but I have no clue what his resolution might be.  However, John
> replies to it and suggests something to Joe.  John's suggestion isn't the
> solution, but it sparks recollection in the minds of others as the what the
> resolution indeed is.  Now, if John's reply never makes it to the list then
> you lose that possibility.  Then, when someone has something to say to
> someone that is off topic they can switch the email addresses quite easily.
> Cheers,
> Greg Mosier
> From: "Larry Hall (RFK Partners, Inc)" <>
> Subject: Re: Why not a news server?
>>>And again, currently this is not very convenient. For example, Larry here
> emailed me directly at my work email address about this topic. I hit reply
> and replied to him. But our discussion did not go to the Cygwin mail list. I
> noticed, just as it was too late, that I forgot to add on the
>, so you all didn't get that first response. Then Larry
> emails me again, continuing our discussion of this issue. This time I
> remembered. As I said email is not conducive to discussions, which is why
> news and news servers exist no? Also, as has been stated, it's a big waste
> of bandwidth and space to send everybody a copy of the thread, especially
> since rarely is anybody interested in all of it.
>>Actually, I think the problem was at your end.  I replied to all so my
>>response (originally) went to the list (and you).  You probably got two
>>responses.  When you replied, you didn't reply to all, so only I got the
>>response.  Unlike allot of other frequent responders to the list, I don't
>>reset my 'Reply-To' field to point to when I respond.
>>It's just a choice.  I don't object to anyone doing this (or not).  I also
>>don't generally redirect email that folks send directly to me back to the
>>list.  Again, I have no problem with folks doing that.  I just don't
>>generally myself (for reasons that aren't really germane to this thread).
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