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Re: Why not a news server?

Greg Mosier wrote:

>>"Reply-To" munging has also been discussed on this list previously.
>>Please familiarize yourself with the arguments that have already been
>>hashed out on this list in the past before continuing this line of
>>Also, see '"Reply To" Munging Considered Harmful' :
> Well, not to be a pain about this, but being that you're primarily
> suggesting that I familiarize myself with the list history shouldn't you
> have taken the time to notice that it wasn't I that started the thread, that
> I was only replying to it?  Sorry if that sounds offensive any, it's been a
> bad day <g>.

I did notice that.  My point was that *you*, since *you* made the 
suggestion about "Reply-To" headers -- *you* should become familiar with 
previous discussions about ** "Reply-To" headers **.  Not newsgroups vs. 
mailing lists.

I was not replying on the newsgroup vs mailing list topic, which you 
didn't start.  I was replying on the "Reply-To" subthread -- which you 
*did* start.


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