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Re: A real fork() on NT

On Sun, Feb 03, 2002 at 02:31:40PM -0000, Chris January wrote:
>>I doubt that either Corinna or I want to transcribe the book for this
>>mailing list.  And, I'm pretty sure that neither of us has that much
>>experience with the routines in the book.  I did play with the
>>implementation and realized that it would take quite a bit of work to
>>perfect for cygwin.  For one thing, it doesn't seem to concern itself
>>with dlls.
>>I don't remember if there were other issues.
>Well I found that console handles aren't inherited properly under
>Windows 2000, which is one major issue :-) I will continue to work on
>this and see if I can come up some proof-of-concept code.

What proof of concept?  The book has a "proof of concept".  It's the
niggling details that are the problem.

You'd need a real implementation to prove that it is workable.

Why do I get the feeling that no one is interested in actually looking
at the working code from the referenced book?


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