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Re: [ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: libtool-devel-20020202-1

Note: In libtool CVS, a decision was made to rescind the previous 
"-no-undefined" default.  (Reason: if a libraries objects DID have an 
undefined symbol, then not even a static lib would be built, on cygwin.) 
This is all related to the MLB restructuring, I think.

Anyway, this means that you need to add '-no-undefined' to your 
libfoo_la_LDFLAGS line in, or be sure to call libtool 
yourself using the -no-undefined flag.

P.S. Ralf -- give this version a shot, and see if it fixes your problems 
with C++ DLLs.


Charles Wilson wrote:

> The 'libtool-devel' package has been updated to 20020202-1.
> It contains a hacked version of libtool(from CVS 02-Feb-2002),
> installed into /usr/autotool/devel/*.  Basically, this is a
> forward port of the hacks from the previous, 20010531 release
> to current libtool CVS HEAD.
> The good news:  this version passes the "dry-run" test that
> the previous one failed.  It adds no new selftest failures --
> AND it passes the new C++ libtool testsuite.  So, it should
> help to solve the problems the 20010531 version had with C++
> code.  (I've used to it build the C++ 'libplotter' library from
> GNU plotutils.)

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