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Re: serveral questions regarding passwd and group on NT

At 02:13 PM 2/5/2002, Ling F. Zhang wrote:
>I just installed cygwin on I am quite a
>newbie, to unix as a whole, actually.
>I did mkpass -l > passwd and mkgroup...okay, I know
>how I can select individual user and group to use by
>using the grep command...however, can I use a group /
>user that's NOT on my WINXP machine? say, root / root?

No.  Cygwin relies on Windows for security information 
(that statement sound almost laughable when I re-read it! ;-) )

>If I remember correctly, in UNIX root has speical GID
>and UID?? can I just simply add lines that correspond
>to root / root and expect it to work in cygwin? also,


>when it import group / user from winxp, it addes a
>whole bunch of wierd number with "-" can any one
>explain to me what does each :: field represent? Can I
>safely manipulate those number? Is there any unix
>convention I can follow?

Read  As a matter of 
fact, it would be good for you to review all the available documentation
at, the email archives, and documentation under /usr/doc
for any newbie questions.  Many of these have probably been asked before.

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