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inetd -- service wont start at boottime on Win XP (add me to the pile)

Note that inetd needs to locate cygwin1.dll in order to start. Also note 
that services start even before you login. So how is inetd (usually in 
/usr/sbin) to find cygwin1.dll (usually in /bin)? The answer is that the 
Windows loader will look for dll's first in the directory that the 
program loaded from (/usr/sbin) failing that it will look for it 
following PATH. So is <cygwin install directory>\bin in your PATH? Not 
in your Cygwin PATH but in your Windows PATH. Remember services are 
started even before you login so Cygwin's bin directory (usually 
C:\Cygwin\bin) must be in your Windows System environment variable PATH 
(Windows User environment variables such as PATH are only in affect when 
the user logs in).

Note that since you are changing the Windows System environment you must 
reboot to insure that the change is noticed.
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