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Re: Tips?

On Tue, Feb 05, 2002 at 03:22:48PM -0500, Roger wrote:
>Cygwin is really cool when it is executing under winxp with a 2x750P3
>and >256MB ram!  
>using rxvt and bash shell with Lucida Console font.
>also have blackbox-0.62.0 on xfree-4.1 installed (xfree-4.2 as soon as i
>get it compiled).
>1) It is truely nice to be able to manipulate files as easily on my
>linux o/s.  i've always hated the dos shell (is &
>as it's difficult to actually use them.
>2) It is really really nice to be able to compile windows exe files
>without spending $$$ on a windows compiler!
>2) xfree86 works nicely also!
>Are there anymore tips on integrating cygwin with windows more
>someplace?  like a faq?  i've already reviewed all of

Huh?  There are FAQs on the Cygwin site.  If you have reviewed the site,
you've found the FAQs.

If you have specific questions that aren't in the FAQs then ask them.

>If you can, cc stuff to my account as my
> account it in the process of being cancelled. thanx.


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