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Re: Why not a news server?

At 06:30 PM 2/5/2002, Andrew DeFaria wrote:
>Because I do not feel like having to pour though a ton of messages wasting space on my systems to weed out the junk and have to manage cleaning up all the stuff I'm not interested it. News servers were created exactly to address this issue. It is the medium developed exactly for what we are trying to do here. Am I so wrong to ask why we are not using the medium?!?.

No.  However, if you're looking for the answer to the question, you're 
going to have to review this thread (and others like it).  I appreciate
your need to organize your messages in a way that's convenient for you
but I'm not going to repeat what's already been said on this issue in 
this thread and others like it.  

Hopefully everyone is now clear as to why there is not already a news
server for Cygwin.  If you are not and are curious, please review the 
list archives to find the answer.  It's time this thread died until 
someone is ready to do more than talk about the need or benefits of
a news server.  When that point is reached, I'm sure we'll all appreciate
the single email message to this list that it takes to announce the 
existence of the new service.

Larry Hall                    
RFK Partners, Inc.            
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