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Re: Why not a news server?

Christopher Faylor wrote:

>On Tue, Feb 05, 2002 at 03:30:25PM -0800, Andrew DeFaria wrote:
>>News servers were created exactly to address this issue.  It is the
>>medium developed exactly for what we are trying to do here.  Am I so
>>wrong to ask why we are not using the medium?!?.
>As a wild guess, I suppose because a newsgroup isn't available?
>If you feel this strongly about a news server then I see no reason why
>you shouldn't set one up.  I'll be happy to advertise the service on
>the cygwin web site.
>I'd suggest that you gateway the cygwin mailing list into news, and
>vice versa.  That would probably be optimum.
>I have several other great ideas which I'll be happy to share with you
>once you've gotten your service set up.
As I just got through mentioning to Larry I would take a shot at setting 
it up however I lack the resources (a machine, the software and the 
space). Hosting this from my home PC is probably not a good idea.

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