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Re: Scriptable start.exe

Well, considering that I just need to install a cygwin configured a certain
way, I think I found a way around this limitation.  Being able to script
setup.exe would be nice though.  Some package management ala RPM or
something would be nice, but I understand priorities.

So my work around:
- Install cygwin the way I like it on one computer
- Remove the .done extention from the stuff in the postprocess directory
- Copy the install to a CD or something
- Copy to the computer you want to install on
- Run a little perl script I just wrote that goes through the
/etc/postprocess directory and runs everything there, adding .done to the
end of each script when its done with it, just like the installer does.

This seems to work fine, but I haven't tried it on a "clean" install of
Windows yet.  Its getting late so I'll do that tommorow.

If anyone is interested in the perl script I can post it.  Its a rather
simple script, but does the job.

Joseph Annino Consulting - Perl, PHP, MySQL, Oracle, etc. -

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