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Re: changing default text type without reinstall?

>>>>> Steinar Bang <>:

>>>>> "Michael A Chase" <>:
>>>> "Steinar Bang" <> wrote:

>>> Platform: CygWin 1.3.2, CygWin/XFree86 4.1.0, Win2k

>>> Is it possible to change from text type "Unix" to text type "DOS",
>>> without reinstall?

>> mount --help

The results of "mount --help", is here

> I'm guessing "mount -t" is what I should use?  The explanation is
> "text files get \r\n line endings".

> But I am unsure of how I should use this command.  What exactly does
> it do?  Does it insert a translation between the file system and the
> cygwin programs?

> Will just running the mount command make the change persistent?  I
> didn't find anything under /etc or /usr/etc that looked like a mount
> table.

Here's some more information on the cygwin mount table

The mount table is in the registry, and running the mount command
should put the changes there.  The documentation says that the mount
command can be used to add mount points, which makes it strange that
the below command failed:

> I tried changing the mode of the /home directory
> 	~$ mount -t c:\cygwin\home /home
> 	mount: /home: Invalid argument

Why is "/home" an invalid argument?  Have I misunderstodd what is
meant by a "posix path"?


- Steinar

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