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Re: changing default text type without reinstall?

>>>>> "Michael A Chase" <>:

> I think you found most of what you needed, but did the articles you
> found explain enough?  If not, what parts were insufficient or
> unclear?

An example of changing the line ending convention for a part of the
directory tree would have saved me from pondering the command line
arguments and why they went wrong.

Also, I'm still not sure how the line ending conversion works.

I tried notepad.exe both on /home/sba/.bashrc and on some files in a
freshly checked out CVS workspace, and files both places showed up

I then tried notepad.exe on a file in the /etc directory, and this
file still had only LF line separators, as seen from notepad.

This means that it probably wasn't neccessary for me to check out the
CVS workspace again, because all files in the directories under the
new mount point were changed somehow? (since notepad.exe doesn't read
any form of cygwin config)

An explanation of the principles makes it easier to understand what to
do, and what to expect.

> The thing that puzzles me about that error message is that it didn't
> complain about c:cygwinhome instead since the bash command line
> reader uses '\' as an escape character.  The easy way to avoid that
> problem is to use '/' instead of '\' even in Windows paths passed to
> cygwin programs.

I tried
	mount -t c:/cygwin/home /home
and that worked fine.

> There are two types of mount points, user and system.  By default
> mount creates user (-u) mount points.  These only apply to the
> current user and override the corresponding system mount points.
> Normally I only create system (-s) mount points.

Ah, I should have used 
	mount -s -t c:/cygwin/home /home
I guess (I didn't read this far before running the command...:-) ).

Thanx for your help!

- Steinar

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