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Re: DirectX8/DirectInput + cygwin

On Wed, Feb 06, 2002 at 07:10:49PM +0100, Pavel Tsekov wrote:
>Christopher Faylor wrote:
>>On Wed, Feb 06, 2002 at 12:11:58PM +0100, Pavel Tsekov wrote:
>>>Dylan Cuthbert wrote:
>>>>I am linking directly with the .lib files supplied by Microsoft, and
>>>>all the Directx8 GUID references seem to link fine so does anybody have
>>>>any idea what the problem might be?
>>>Why ?  Link against those in /usr/lib.  gcc doesn't understand the MS
>>>export libraries.
>>Actually, gcc/ld should understand non-c++ import libraries.
>Is this a new feature or I was missing something all the time ?  What's
>the point of tools which build .a files from dlls ?

If you have an existing .lib import library it should work fine with ld.
This has been the case for years.

This is not to say that there haven't been bugs over the years, but AFAIK,
there aren't any in the current version of cygwin.

If it helps you can rename foo.lib to libfoo.a so that you can add -lfoo
to the command line.

You can also link against the dll itself, in many cases:

gcc -o foo.exe foo.c blah.dll


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