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lock down cygwin1.dl in memory to avoid paging in a network installation?


does anyone have an idea how to force cygwin1.dll
to be loaded entirely and then locked down in physical
memory so that NT won't page it out?

In our compute server farm, to reduce maintainance overhead,
I installed Cygwin UNIX-like "in the network,"
i.e. the cygwin root (/) and everything below like
/bin, /etc etc is on an NT network drive.
With this I can "install" Cygwin on any computer by using a
single Cygwin-"mount" command, and all "installations" are
guaranteed to be identical, works well.

However, once the NT file server crashes or falls
into meditation or the network hangs for >~1 minute,
cygwin does not function anymore reliably.
Programs (running or newly started) sooner or later
crash with seg fault or STATUS_ACCESS_VIOLATION.
It seems the file handle to cygwin1.dll becomes invalid
due to a timeout, and subsequent requests for
paging in dll code fail.

The only way to recover is to terminate _all_ cygwin
processes which unloads cygwin1.dll. Our jobs often
run many days, and there are multiple cygwin jobs
on each multi-CPU server.

Anyone any idea?



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