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Did anyone ever have success porting sgtty.h?


In older postings, some folks had problems due to "sgtty.h not being =
supported"; instead they "should use termios".

Are there any utility functions for converting a sgtty dependent =
function over to termios? From the archives, this appears to be a common =
question. Assuming someone provides text for the FAQ maintainer, could =
we get this question added to the FAQ? Or better yet, if someone who has =
"had success" converting, went and documented their effort.

Reading between the lines on the prior postings, I gather there are =
reasons no one wants to port it to Cygwin -- reasons other than the =
header being obsolete. If there is a bloody history, I'm curious. :-)

Scott Prive

PS - If anyone is curious, the application I am trying to compile is a C & =
Tcl app called "Brewers Little Helper" (formerly "BrewNIX"). The author =
is, unfortunately, unreachable and the code is unmaintained (a pity =
since the brew mailing lists pine for a "OS portable brew calculator"). =

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