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Token ring / OpenSSH

Hello every1

I have a problem with OpenSSH (version 3.0.2p1-5, Openssl: 0.9.6c-3) and
the latest cygwin DLL (1.3.9-1) on a W2K System.

The system has two interfaces:
	Ethernet and
	Token Ring

Sshd works - more or less.
But, obviously, it only listens on one interface (Ethernet), only.
The configuration file for Openssh contains - among other settings:

	Port 22

IMHO, this configuration means to listen on all interfaces.

Now my question is:

	Is this the well-known problem of cygwin vs. token ring interfaces
	as mentioned in a lot of posts or is this a problem in the OpenSSH
port ?

Another point of interest might be:
If I configure the ListenAddress for the sshd to be the token ring
interface (IP-Address), only, I can't connect to the system via ssh.

We use the Openssh port to NT / W2K - Hi Corinna - for a long time without
other cygwin/Openssh problems.

I will try to check whether older versions of the cygwin1.dll and Openssh
work on token-ring only systems. Somebody else in the company might use

Thanks in advance for any help,


Norbert Bladt
T-Systems Schweiz AG, Computing Services (System Management) TZ1 / Z302
Industriestrasse 1, CH 3052-Zollikofen
E-Mail: Tel.: +41 31 915 3964 Fax: +41 31 915

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