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Re: ksh

Yes.  The Public Domain ksh is available at:

It has been the ONLY shell I've run on my cygwin.  It is close to the
1988 version of the real
ksh but today lacks some compatabilities of the 1993 version.  The
latest version is pdksh-5.2.14 dated Jul of 1999.

I've had to overcome a few problems with cygwin DLL 1.3.6.  If you have
a command line with a pipe in it (e.g. cat file | sed ...), it can not
be interupted with ctrl-C.  This problem is solveable by issuing the
"set +o monitor" command.  The other problem is a wierd one when using
rxvt as your window manager.  Everthing appears to be operating in
insert-mode.  Typing characters does not erase them, it only shifts them
to the right.  Again this problem can be circumvented in your profile or
$ENV file via the following statements:
	if [ -z "$KSH_STARTED" ]
	        export KSH_STARTED=1
	        exec /usr/bin/ksh

Doing a one-time exec call makes the problem disappear!  Go figure.

-paul mcferrin

hongxun lee wrote:
> Is ksh available now? nobody talks about it recently
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