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Re: /dev/registry

----- Original Message -----
From: "Randall R Schulz" <>
> The suggestion about ioctl() begs the question of where to get the
> descriptor to which to apply the ioctl() call, and does not open the
> registry to scripting languages that have no direct access to the
Cygwin or
> Windows APIs. It does not really simplify the task of adding the
ability to
> Cygwin, but obscures the basic access behind the obscure and
> catch-all interface that is ioctl(). It is true that this would make
> inadvertent registry corruption less likely, but it only by virtue of
> making so much less accessible.

Yah. I've been quite on this one. I'd like to point out that Cygwin has
had a patch for /dev/registry some time ago. I support a good
implementation of this, and like the .dword etc suffix idea. I also
think that a mount command should be *required* to active /dev/registry,
and that a read-only and read-write mode should be provided... to allow
for users with different needs, allowing read only requirements to
result in lower risk.


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