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Re: Close to libiconv now?

I've rebuilt it using the latest (cygwin-devel) libtool.  It seems fine 
-- passes all the tests.  It's packaged using "my" script mechanism, and 
only needs some Cygwin-specific documentation and prefix changed from 
/usr/local to /usr and it would be ready for inclusion in cygwin.


I cannot support additional packages at this time(*).  I'm perfectly 
willing to hand the completed package over to someone else for 
maintainance -- as long as I can wash my hands of it.  I built it as a 
test of libtool -- but I do NOT want to support it.

Any volunteers?


(*) okay, *one* more -- pkgconfig -- is in the works.  but that's it.  I 
mean it. ;-)

Soren Andersen wrote:

> Hello,
> With the newest autotools in the official Cygwin packages, are we now
> close to being able to build gnu libiconv o-o-b?
> I am trying to build gcc-3.0.3 and it suggests that i might want to
> install libiconv. I understand from reading list archives that Chuck
> Wilson built an experimental libiconv using some hacked autotools
> support, last july. Any updates on that topic?
>  Regards,
>     Soren Andersen
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