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Re: how can I compile my code to run in windows ??


You must make it possible for Windows to locate the cygwin1.dll. If your 
binary is in the same directory as cygwin1.dll, the system will find it (so 
apparently the two are not co-located).

Putting the name of your Cygwin bin directory (in Windows format, e.g. 
"D:\cygwin\bin") in your system-wide PATH environment will allow Windows to 
find the DLL. (I can only confirm this under Windows 2000. That suggests it 
would work under NT 4 and XP, too. Whether ME or 98 will work this way, 
too, is something I do not know.)

Alternatively, you could launch your application via a ".bat" file that set 
the PATH before executing your binary.

Lastly, you could put your program in the Cygwin bin directory and launch 
it via a shortcut. That's probably not the best solution, since it mingles 
your binaries with the Cygwin's own. I usually think it best to keep my 
additions to the system (any system) in a place of their own.

Good luck.

Randall Schulz
Mountain View, CA USA

At 22:43 2002-02-08, you wrote:
>When I run a program that is compiled by cygwin in windows by double 
>clicking it without cygwin bash it complaints that there is no cygwin.dll. 
>how can I make it to run on windows??
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