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Program behaves differently when called from script.


I want to report a very strange behavior of bash (?, I really don't know), that
appeared after installing the last version of cygwin (the cygwin1.dll is of
Jan 21 2002, the previous one was of Dec. 2001). Everything was OK with the
new version, (I actually compiled succesfully xdvik), exept for the following
extrange behavior:

  The program xmodmap of XFree86 works differently when its is called from
a shell script than when it is called from the terminal. The xmodmap program
is the sameone. More precisely if I run xmodmap directly everything is OK:

        rmedina@LIMON ~
        $ xmodmap .Xmodmap

        rmedina@LIMON ~

        $ cat script
        xmodmap .Xmodmap

I get:
        rmedina@LIMON ~
        $ ./script
        Standard: not found
        For: not found
        R.: not found
        FUNCTIONS:: not found
        .//xmodmap: 7: Syntax error: Unterminated quoted string

        rmedina@LIMON ~

The beginning of the .Xmodmap file is the following:
        rmedina@LIMON ~
        $ head .Xmodmap
        ! Standard IBM-Microsoft 101/102 spanish keyboard map.
        ! For XFree86
        ! R. Medina. 2002/01/07

        ! FUNCTIONS: Spanish 'xmodmap' keyboard file for dynamically altering
        !            the X server's keysym array that it sends to X clients.
        ! How it was made: With xmodmap -pke the original map was extracted,
        ! which was an English International keyboard. The keys to modify

        rmedina@LIMON ~

It seems that xmodmap, when it is called from the script, does not process
correctly the comment character "!".

I hope that someone can tell me if I am missing something.

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