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"Best" way to build a DLL?

This seems to be the most complicated thing .. building a DLL file.
So, what is the best and recommended way to do the job using recent cygwin tools?

I've read autobook ( and it gives some good advice (I'm using autotools in my project), though there are some problems 
I've encountered. It recommends using _LTLIBRARIES and libtool to build DLL, and as far as I know the building process of a DLL file is already integrated in gcc and ld, so is the document 
outdated? (I have to use both C and C++ code in my project, and when specifying AC_PROG_CXX in file the configure script doesn't succeed, because it tries to execute a file 
called ltconfig which doesn't exist. I really don't have a clue what to do here...)
Dllhelpers ( show another, simple way (using the new dll features of ld) to build the file and it is the only way I have 
managed to build a working DLL. However, I don't have an idea how to get this working smoothly with autotools.

So, what should I do? I'd appreciate if someone gave me an example of the configuration files for autotools ( and

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