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Re: Cygwin CVS

Please keep all cygwin-related email on the cygwin list. I've redirected 
replies to go there.

Currently, cvs on cygwin is only supported as an interactive (e.g. 
non-service) application.  It is *possible* to have the inetd daemon run 
it in :pserver: mode, but that takes some effort -- see the mailing list 
archives over the last 30 days for some pointers.

The easiest thing to do is to get sshd running on the repository 
machine, and on your client machine simple set:


Then, you can use the normal commandine cvs client on your client 
machine -- and it will connect to the repository machine via ssh.


Jason Diamond wrote:

> Hi.
> Sorry to bother you but I found your name as the maintainer for the Cygwin
> port of CVS. I just recently started using Cygwin so am still very unclear
> on where to go for information.
> I'm just curious if it's possible to run CVS as a service under Cygwin? I'm
> currently running CVSNT and it's working fine but it doesn't support SSH.
> Today I got sshd running as a service under Cygwin and thought it would be
> cool if I could do the same for cvs and hopefully have it support ssh
> logins.
> I don't know much about the internal workings of either cvs or ssh (I just
> use them) so that's why I thought I'd find out if it was even possible by
> asking you.
> Thanks,
> Jason

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