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Re: Quick question, please help!

Simara wrote:

> Christopher,

Why are you writing directly to Chris?  This is a public mailing list.

> I've read your posts about Interix, and I know you are not happy about it,
> but here comes the ugly question again:
> How could I compile or use Xfree with Interix, 

This is a public mailing list for non-xfree cygwin related topics. 
Xfree questions do not belong here.  Interix questions do NOT belong 
here, unless they somehow relate to cygwin.

> I sure would use cygwin but
> my boss really digs Interix because it is not emulated, and our tests with
> most ported apps is really faster than using interix (way fast), please
> help! or they will start coding the apps in visual basic!!!! and our current
> linux boxes will have to be migrated to windows...

Let me see if I understand: You say "interix is better than cygwin, and 
you must use interix regardless, because your boss likes it."  So you 
want OUR help to get your code working with a DIFFERENT product?  Why 
should we?

Please see to 
understand the motivations behind the coders on public mailing lists. 
Then ask yourself, given that information, why subscribers to *this* 
mailing list would assist you.

On the cygwin-xfree list, you *could* pose this question as "Can 
cygwin-xfree work with the interix runtime instead of cygwin?"  The 
answer is probably no without significant work, but at least the 
question would be (sortof) ontopic there.  It is totally offtopic here.


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