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Access '.BAT' executables via $PATH without typing '.BAT'?

Is there any way to configure Cygwin so that I
can run DOS/Windows Batch files that are in my $PATH
without typing the '.bat'?

Eg, If you have a path like $PATH=~/bin
and you have a file ~/bin/myTool.exe

You can just type at a bash prompt:
$ myTool

And it will run.

However, if you have ~/bin/myTool.bat you
cannot type just 'myTool', you must instead
type 'myTool.bat'.

Why the inconsistency? I'm sure there is a good-ish
reason, but I thought a flexible implementation
might see a setting somewhere like:

Is there any way I can make the .BAT files easier
to access?

P.S. Yes I know about aliases, symlinks, bash command-line
completion and shell-script alternatives.
- I just don't want such extra steps each time
I make a new batch file - I want it as easy as it is under
DOS/Windows command-line, which shouldn't be too much to
ask seeing as Cygwin is generally so neat that I just assume
is going to make my life easier!

Thanks in advance. - Yahoo! Greetings
- Send your Valentines love online.

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